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Dance trial classes play a pivotal role in helping individuals explore and connect with the art of movement. They offer a firsthand experience, allowing participants to feel the rhythm, understand the style, and gauge their interest and comfort levels. These trial classes serve as an introduction, providing a glimpse into the techniques, atmosphere, and teaching style of the studio. They empower individuals to make informed decisions about their dance journey, ensuring a better fit between their aspirations and the class offerings. Additionally, dance trial classes create a welcoming space for newcomers, fostering a sense of inclusion and encouraging them to embark on a transformative and joyful path through dance.

How to Schedule a Trial Class with ADFS:

Thank you for your interest in dance classes at ADFS! We look forward to helping you find the best fit for your dancer. We always offer a complimentary trial class for your dancer to experience our classes and assess their appropriate level. Each class description includes the recommended ages for our programs. We are happy to make suggestions and recommendations to help get you started. Follow the steps below to help us schedule your dancer’s trial class.

  •  Select the “Resources” tab in the top right corner of our website.
  •  Select “Parent Portal” and create a DanceStudio-Pro (DSP) account with your contact information and your dancer’s name and age.
  • Once logged into your Parent Portal, select the “Register for classes” icon.
  • Choose the season you are interested in and review the classes available based on your dancer’s age.
  • Select “Schedule Trial” and the date you would like to trial.
  • Select “Submit” and then “CHECKOUT” to confirm your trial class. No fees apply for your trial class. Contact for assistance.

What to expect from your dancer’s trial class?

Does your child constantly move to music? Do they love to dance around the living room? Do they always “Dance like no one’s watching?”

You have come to the right place! We are eager to help your dancer enhance their skills, learn dance technique, and have FUN! While it seems like a dance class would be great fun, it can sometimes be overwhelming especially to a new or young dancer. Here are some key points that we look for to determine if your dancer is ready.

  1. The dancer enters the classroom at their own free will. While it can sometimes take encouragement, we want the child to feel comfortable.
  2. The dancer follows simple instructions about where and how to stand in the classroom.
  3. The dancer makes eye contact with the teacher and other students.
  4. The dancer stays in the classroom for the duration of the class.
  5. The dancer is happy and excited to come back.

These are all great signs that your dancer is READY for dance classes. Please note, that participation is NOT always a key factor for knowing if a child is ready or if they are learning. Most young children learn more by watching than by doing, initially. Their brains are like sponges absorbing the experiences around them. The initial over-stimulation might trigger your dancer to simply watch and follow only the most direct cues. Do not fear! Most dancers that experience this go home and will replay the whole class for your enjoyment! This might continue to happen for the first few weeks as the dancer develops multitasking techniques, but full participation is expected with the consistency of attending class. Following your trial class, your ADFS Instructor will also provide feedback, if available.