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Dance & Fitness

2022-2023 Arabesque Dance & Fitness Studio (ADFS) Studio Handbook 

Welcome to our 8th season of dance and fitness! This handbook serves as your guide to our programs. Please keep this and refer to it when you have questions about the dance season or studio protocols. We value your business and thank you for choosing ADFS! 

Connect with Us: 

Phone: 702.202.4505
Address: 8060 Blue Diamond Road; Suite 110
Facebook & Instagram: @adfslv
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 Our Mission

At Arabesque Dance & Fitness Studio (ADFS), we use dance & fitness to change lives. We are dedicated to helping our students, both children and adults, set goals and achieve success. We provide a happy and healthy environment where families can enjoy life together. We strive to deliver quality dance and fitness education in a positive and inspirational way. 

Dance Dress Code

All class leotards must be SOLID black, no patterns or colors. Jazz shorts and skirts may be any design. Label items with your dancer’s name/initials. Hair must be secured off the face in all classes. Hair MUST be in a bun for all ballet classes, no exceptions. Small stud earrings may be worn along with non-distracting hair accessories.  Please remove other jewelry before arrival for safety and security purposes. No undergarments should be worn under dance attire; dance tights serve as underwear under leotards (sports bras acceptable). Help your child be prepared for class with a dance bag for transporting items that will be stored in a cubby during class.  

Preschool Combo: black leotard, pink tights, tan tap shoes, pink ballet shoes, skirt optional.
Kinderdance & Combo I: black leotard, pink tights, tan tap shoes, pink ballet shoes, tan jazz shoes, skirt or shorts optional.
Level I+ Ballet: black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, no skirts; hair must be in a bun.
Level I+ Jazz & Jazz Funk: black leotard, jazz shorts or leggings, tan jazz shoes, tights optional.
Level I+ Lyrical/Contemporary: black leotard, jazz shorts or leggings, barefeet or black socks in contemporary; FootUndeez in Lyrical.
Level I+ Tap: black leotard, dance shorts or leggings, black lace-up tap shoes.
Level I+ Acro: black leotard, dance shorts, tan jazz shoes. Hair recommended in a bun.
HipHop (Pre-Level I+): Black Pastry Poptart Grid dance sneakers, comfortable clothing/athletic wear. NO STREET SHOES.
Boys: solid black or white t-shirt, solid black shorts/pants, black ballet shoes, black lace-up tap, black jazz shoes, as needed.

 DSP, Registration, & Tuition

Dancestudio-Pro (DSP) is our Registration and payments platform. Every parent must have access to their Parent Portal. All studio communications and billing, happen through DSP. Please contact us if you need assistance with your Parent Portal (link above). *Returning families: please take a moment to update your profile if you have moved or need to modify your contact details. 

 ADFS Staff

Miss Jill: Studio Owner/Director; Dance & Fitness Instructor
Miss Carlie: Fitness Instructor
Miss Chelsey: Dance Instructor
Miss Amber: Fitness Instructor
Miss Sam: Dance Instructor
Mr. Coach David Sir: Acro Coach
Miss Cece: Dance Instructor
Miss Jessica: Dance Instructor
Miss Rosie: Dance & Fitness Instructor
Miss Landry: Dance Instructor & Acro Coach
Miss Chelsea: Dance & Fitness Instructor
Miss Sarah: Dance Instructor
Miss Cindy: Dance Instructor
Miss Dana: Administrative Staff
Miss Alivia: Front Desk Staff

ADFS Classroom Rules

The following rules will be enforced in all classes to keep our dancers safe and focused, as well as, to create the discipline expected at a dance school. If you have any questions, please speak to the studio owner or email


  1. Talking 
  2. Touching
  3. Sitting
  4. Leaving
  5. Excuses

3 Strikes Policy:

1) Verbal Warning for breaking any classroom rules.
2) 2nd Verbal Warning with acknowledgement that 3rd strike is dismissal.
3) Dismiss dancer to Front Desk; dancer and desk staff must fill out Dancer Dismissal Notice. The Studio Director will be notified, and a disciplinary meeting will be scheduled. *The CCSD Code of Conduct will serve as a guideline for any events or incidents not detailed. **Please help us maintain our professional and positive atmosphere by only discussing disciplinary issues with the studio director.

ADFS Studio Rules 

  • Follow all current health mandates, as required by county and state officials. 
  • Be courteous and respectful in the studio.
  • Keep your voices low in the lobby and hallways.
  • Keep your belongings organized and contained in a lobby cubby.
  • Pick up all trash and return borrowed items to their proper location.
  • Eating at the studio is ONLY permitted in the lobby. Dancers must be seated and dispose of trash.  
  • Do not enter classrooms or open closed doors without permission. 
  • Put your dancer’s name in all belongings & limit personal items your dancer brings in the studio.
  • Arrive 5 minutes before class with proper hair, clothing, and shoes per dress code policy. Cover-ups should always be worn over dance clothes when entering and exiting the building.
  • Do NOT wear dance shoes outside; outside elements ruin the shoes and our dance floors.
  • Use the restroom BEFORE class.
  • Labeled water bottles (water only) are permitted in-studio with your dancer.
  • Dancers are dismissed by their teacher; do not enter the classroom. 
  • Dancers are NOT allowed to cross the parking lot unattended. Please escort your dancer to and from the main door.

Dance Performances

End of the Season Recital: The recital is a “rite of passage” for dancers to shine onstage. It presents their year of hard work, dedication, and progress. A key part of the dance training process includes learning through performance. Recital builds self-esteem, self-assurance, and contributes to confidence. While performance prepares some dancers for a future in dance or theater, it also contributes to success in other areas, such as, enhanced school presentations, improved social skills, and strong interview skills for future college and job opportunities. The rehearsal process develops retention, and teamwork skills. Recital commitments are a team effort; dancers, parents, instructors, and directors are key to its success. Participation is optional but strongly encouraged. Recital information will be shared via email later in the dance season.

Winter Ballet Showcase: ADFS is proud to offer a winter ballet showcase for students. Participation is based on audition and all rehearsals are done outside of regularly scheduled classes. The winter showcase provides our dancers with additional stage opportunities and a chance to collaborate with dancers outside of their scheduled dance classes. Check the studio calendar for audition and show dates. 

Studio Policies & Frequently Asked Questions:

How young can my child start dance classes? We offer You & Me classes for dancers under the age of 3, with a guardian. Independent dance classes begin at age 3 (dancer must be fully potty-trained). Your dancer must meet the appropriate age guidelines for each class by December 31st of the season start. 

What should my dancer do when they arrive for classes? At arrival, expect to be greeted by our Front Desk Staff and other dancers. Dancers should immediately find a cubby and change into their dance shoes (combo classes always start with tap). Keep dance bags and personal belongings in your cubby and bring all dance shoes needed for class with you to the line-up door with your water bottle, if desired. Wait by a dot on the wall until your teacher greets you and escorts you into the dance studio. Parents, you do not need to check-in your dancer at the Front Desk each week; your dancer’s instructor will take attendance. 

What is the Registration Fee? Our Registration Fee is a $25 charge per dancer for enrolling in a dance season.

How long is the dance season? Our dance season starts August 1, 2022 and ends May 27, 2023. Tuition is based on the total number of weeks in the dance season, which keeps your tuition amount constant each month. Please see the studio calendar for Studio Closures in the season.

How do I pay tuition? Tuition will post to your DSP account on the 25th of the month and Auto-pay will charge your online payment method. Tuition is charged in advance for the upcoming month (ex. September Tuition will charge on August 25th). If you prefer to pre-pay with cash or check, please do so before the 25th of the month. Tuition is non-refundable. A $15 Late-Fee will automatically be applied to your account for outstanding tuition on the 1st of the month.

What is Dance Studio-Pro (DSP)? DSP is our online system you use to view class schedules, make payments, and register for classes. Please contact us if you did not receive your login information at registration. *NEW: please add your dancer’s photo to help the ADFS Staff with recognition. 

What if I want to discontinue a program? 30-day written notice is required to terminate enrollment before the end of the season (email acceptable). You are responsible for all tuition within the 30-day period, and tuition will be prorated if notice falls between billing dates. *There is a $25 early termination fee for May 2023 cancellations without 30 days written notice. 

What happens if I miss a dance class? If your dancer is going to miss class, please log their absence in your Parent Portal to notify ADFS. You may schedule a “make-up” for the absence during another class of the same level within two weeks by emailing Remember, regular attendance ensures the progression of not only your dancer, but the entire class. We appreciate your dedication to making dance a priority.  ADFS reserves the right to refuse service if the make-up class was not scheduled due to class sizes. A doctor’s note may be requested for frequent absences. ADFS reserves the right to refuse make-ups for frequent absences and may drop your dancers from a class if there are more than 3 absences in a row with no refunds. Absence from class does not count towards the required 30-day notice required to cancel your dancer’s enrollment. You are responsible for all tuition until enrollment is canceled in writing. Make-ups cannot be guaranteed during recital preparation weeks; we appreciate your dedication to regular attendance during recital season for the success of your dancer and our show.   

Can I change my dancer’s class? We understand that schedules change and we are committed to helping your dancer find the best class for their interests and strengths. If you need to change classes, please email your request for director approval. We will update your dancer’s enrollment, or make appropriate recommendations, as needed. ADFS reserves the right to charge a $10 change fee/class after 2nd class change request.

Why is there a Dance Dress Code? By enforcing a dress code, dancers learn responsibility and self-awareness, and are not distracted in class by clothing or hair. Proper dance attire allows teachers to see the dancers’ bodies for correct alignment and placement to prevent injury. Without a dress code, dance class can quickly turn into a dress up party. All the items needed for dance class are available for purchase from our studio boutique. Please see the Dress Code Section or DSP for complete details. 

Can I watch class? We have observation windows for viewing. Please do not distract your dancer by talking to them or tapping on the windows. Do not open the classroom doors during classes. If you need to speak to your dancer or the teacher, please ask the Front Desk Staff.

Do I need to bring my dancer into the studio? We appreciate you dropping-off your dancer in the lobby and helping young dancers into their dance shoes to their classroom line-up door. At dismissal, our Front Desk Staff will wait by the Front Door to help safely dismiss dancers back to you after they change their shoes. Level I+ dancers may be dropped off and picked up curbside, but we do not allow dancers to walk across the parking lot unescorted. If you park, please exit your car and meet your dancers on the sidewalk. Please exercise caution in the parking lot. 

Can my dancer’s friends watch class? We will host Bring-A-Friend events for friends to join in the fun, with no commitment. We offer free trials for friends interested in registering for the class. Email more information. Liability Release Forms must be completed before dancing with us. 

May I leave the studio while my child is in class? Absolutely! We hope you find comfort in knowing that your child is in good hands while you run home, do errands, or enjoy some quiet time in the car. To ensure the safety of our dance family, we are limiting access to the common areas of the dance studio. Please drop-off and pick-up safely. 

What happens if I am late to pick-up my dancer? Your dancer’s safety is our top priority. If you are running late to pick-up, we ask that you call our Front Desk team so that we can make sure your dancer remains with our staff until you arrive. Dancers are never allowed to wait outside the studio for pick-up. In the event of frequent late pick-ups after business hours, ADFS reserves the right to charge your DSP account $1/minute beyond the dancer’s dismissal time; a courtesy email will be sent before charges apply. 

Do you have a Lost & Found? Yes, in the Studio Lobby. Please remember to label ALL your dancer’s items to help us return lost items to your dancer. The Lost & Found is donated on the 1st of the month. ADFS is not responsible for lost items. 

How do I receive studio information?  All correspondences are sent through email, using DSP. Follow us on social media (@adfslv) to stay connected. We will notify you by email if important paper handouts are distributed to your dancer at class. 

Are you still reading this? Great! Email the word “plie” to to receive a free gift! 

How do referrals work? Referrals are the #1 way we grow our dance and fitness family! Please spread the word to family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. As a token of our appreciation, we are happy to reward you with a $5 studio credit for every referral!

What is the ADFS Company? ADFS Company is our competitive dance team by audition only. For more information contact us!

What are the ADFS TEAMS? ADFS Teams is a fun way to get more involved in dancing in the community. Contact us to learn more or check out the TEAMS descriptions in DSP. 

What are the camps, parties and events? There is so much FUN at ADFS. Camps and parties are opportunities for dancers to bond, have fun, and, of course, dance! Use DSP to register for our special events. Camps and events are open to “non-dancers” too. 

Do you host Birthday Parties? Yes! We love celebrating your tiny dancer and their friends. Email for details. We are also happy to provide rental space for other events. 

Who can take Fitness Classes? Participants must be 14+ years of age, or 11+ with a guardian. No experience needed and all fitness levels are welcome. Please inform the instructor if you need modifications. Monthly enrollment, drop-ins, and punch cards are available. We offer a variety of Group Fitness Classes to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. 

Do you offer Adult Dance Classes? Yes! Join us for recreational Adult Ballet, Tap, Hip-hop, or Jazz. You can drop-ins, punch cards, or enroll for just $30/mo (ADFS Registration fee applies). 

What are your Health and Safety Protocols? ADFS is dedicated to keeping our dance families healthy. Please comply with any mandates for the health and safety of our families. ADFS cannot refund or credit cancellations for government enforced mandates. 


Studio Calendar: dates subject to change

August 1, 2022 First Day of the 2022 Dance Season
August 1-6, 2022 Attire Fittings and tours by appointment; email to schedule.
August 20, 2022 ADFS 7th Birthday SleepUnder Party; 6:00-8:00pm; register in DSP
September 5, 2022 ADFS CLOSED for Labor Day; No dance or fitness classes.
September 12, 2022 Fit Kids Day Camp; Register in DSP; Regular dance/fitness as scheduled.
September 17, 2022 Candlelighters 5k; Join Team “ADFS”
Sept. 26-Oct. 1, 2022 Celebrate Las Vegas; Dancers may wear LVStrong gear in class over uniform.  
October 14, 2022 “Fall in love with Dance” Camp; register in DSP- regular classes as scheduled.
October 15, 2022 ADFS “Trunk-or-Treat” Event; check emails for more details.
October 24-29, 2022 Happy Halloween! Dancers may wear their costumes to class over uniforms.
October 28, 2022 Halloween Dance Camp, Register in DSP- regular classes as scheduled.
November 2022 Recital Commitment Letters distributed, more details TBA.
November 11, 2022 Veterans Day Dance Camp; Register in DSP- regular classes as scheduled.
November 23-26, 2022 ADFS Closed for Thanksgiving. No Dance Classes; See Fitness Schedule
December 2022 ADFS Toy Drive; Earn a raffle ticket for a FREE recital costume for donations.
December 1-3, 2022 ADFS Winter Ballet (TBA) & ADFS Company Showcase
December 12-17, 2022 In-studio Observation Week, more details TBA
Dec. 19, 22-Jan. 1, 2023 ADFS Closed for Winter Break (No Dance Classes; See Fitness Schedule
December 19-23, 2022 Winter Dance Workshop (Serious dancers only ages 7+); Register in DSP
December 26-30, 2022 Nutcracker Dance Camp 9:00am-3:00pm; Register in DSP
January 2, 2023 Dance Classes Resume from Winter Break
January 23, 2023 “Snow Day” Dance Camp; Register in DSP – regular classes as scheduled
February 20, 2023 “I Love Dance” Day Camp; Register in DSP – regular classes as scheduled.
February 2023 Scale the Strat; Join “Team ADFS”
March 13-18, 2023 ADFS Closed for Spring Break (No Dance Classes; See Fitness Schedule)
March 13-18, 2023 Spring Break Dance Camp, 9:00am-3:00pm; Register in DSP
April 7-10, 2023 ADFS CLOSED for Easter; No dance classes, see Fitness Schedule
May 8-13, 2023 Tentative Watch Week & Recital Portraits
May 16 &17, 2023 Tentative Recital Dress Rehearsals at UNLV
May 20, 2023 ADFS 8th Annual Recital; more information TBA
May 27, 2023 Last Day of 2022-2023 Dance Season
June & July 2023 Summer Classes & Camps TBA