ADFS Rules and Dress Code

To provide the best classroom experience for our dancers, the following rules and dress code will be enforced in all classes. These rules help keep our dancers safe and focused as well as create the discipline expected at a dance school. If you have any questions, please speak to Miss Jill or email

Classroom Rules


  • Talking
  • Touching
  • Sitting
  • Leaving
  • Excuses

3 Strikes Policy

  • Verbal Warning for breaking any classroom rules
  • 2nd Verbal Warning with acknowledgement that 3rd strike is out
  • Dismiss dancer to front desk; dancer and staff must fill out Dancer Dismissal Notice. Miss Jill will be notified and disciplinary meeting will be scheduled at Miss Jill’s discretion.


  • The CCSD Code of Conduct will serve as a guideline for any events or incidents not detailed.
  • Please help us maintain our professional and positive atmosphere by only discussing disciplinary issues with Miss Jill.

Studio Rules


Be courteous and respectful in the studio at all times.
Keep your voices low and be respectful of classes in session.
Keep your belongings organized and contained.
Pick up all trash and return borrowed items to their proper location.
Limit food consumption and dispose of trash courteously.
Do not enter classrooms or open closed doors without permission. 
Walk quietly through the halls.


Check-in at the Front Desk or with your instructor for each class.
Visit our LIVE online schedule for updates/cancellations.
Use the Drop-in function in Dance Studio-Pro to reserve a spot for classes with participants limits.
Bring a water bottle and towel to all classes.
Make sure sneakers are clean (no dirt/rocks) for the protection of our floors.
Classes with less than 3 participants may be cut to 30 minutes.
Please wipe fitness mats after use.
Put all equipment away properly.


Female dancers Levels I & Up are encouraged to store their belongings in the Dressing Room or lobby cubbies. Gentlemen may use the lobby or Men’s Restroom cubbies. Combo Classes take their dance bags into the studios. Put dancer’s name on all belongings. Ladies are kindly asked to use the Dressing Room for changing NOT the restroom. Dressing Room cubbies are available for rent on a first come, first serve basis as a fundraiser for the ADFS Company, Inc. Cubbies are private property and should not be touched without permission. 
Arrive 5-10 minutes before class with proper hair, clothing, and shoes per dress code policy. Cover-ups should always be worn over dance clothes when entering and exiting the building.
Do NOT wear dance shoes outside. Wearing dance shoes outside ruins the shoes and our special dance floors!
Dancers should use the restroom BEFORE class. The use of the restroom is discouraged during class, unless it is an emergency.
Water bottles are permitted in the dance studio on the bookshelf. Water fountain breaks will NOT be given. No juice, Gatorade, or soda.  Please label water bottles with your dancer’s name.
Dancers are dismissed by their teacher; do not enter the classroom to pick up your child. We use separate entrance and exit doors for Studios A & B to reduce hallway traffic. Please help your dancer line-up at the correct door.

Dance Dress Code

All leotards must be SOLID black.

No patterns or colors. Jazz shorts and skirts may be any design. Please label ALL your dancer’s items with their name or initials. Half tops/sports bras may be worn for Level IV only (must be in proper Ballet attire). Hair should always be secured off the face in all dance classes. Hair MUST be in a clean bun for all ballet classes, no exceptions. No whispies or fly-aways. Small stud earrings may be worn along with non-distracting hair accessories. Please remove all other jewelry before coming to class for safety and security purposes. No undergarments should be worn under dance attire; dance tights serve as underwear under leotards. (sports bras acceptable). Please help your child be prepared for class with the proper attire and hair.

  • Preschool A & B: Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Tan Tap Shoes, Pink Ballet Shoes, Dance Bag, Skirt or Shorts optional.
  • Kinderdance & Combo I: Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Tan Tap Shoes, Pink Ballet Shoes, Tan Jazz shoes, Dance Bag, Skirt or Shorts optional.
  • Level I+ Ballet: Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes, No skirts, Hair must be in a bun.
  • Level I+ Jazz: Black Leotard, Jazz Shorts, Tan Jazz Shoes, Tights optional.
  • Level I+ Lyrical: Black Leotard, Jazz Shorts or Lyrical Skirt, Nude Footundeez.
  • Level I+ Tap: Black Leotard, Dance Shorts or Leggings, Black Lace Up Tap Shoes.
  • Level I+ Acro: Black Leotard, Dance Shorts, Tan Jazz Shoes.
  • HipHop: Black Pastry Poptart Grid Dance Sneakers, Comfortable Clothing/Athletic Wear.
  • Boys: Solid Black or White T-shirt, Solid Black Shorts/Pants, Black Ballet/Tap/Jazz Shoes as needed.

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